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Dear Prospective Member:

Kingdom Covenant Connection (KCC), USA is pleased that you are interested to learn more about our leadership ministry network. KCC is an emerging ministry network for like-minded spiritual leaders and marketplace leaders who desire to form covenantal relationships for the purpose of:

Edification – encouragement and strengthening through fellowship and accountability
Maturation – teaching, training, equipping and impartation
Multiplication – empowerment to equip the saints, mature the Church, advance the Kingdom
Acceleration – generate momentum for the successful fulfillment of your divine mandate

Despite increasing world-uncertainties, we believe this is the finest hour for the Church of the Living God. The Church is prophetically postured to be “salt and light” so as to enlarge the Kingdom of God through progressive revelation and to equip the Church to be relevant and impactful.

KCC is called of God for such a time as this, as a pioneering ministry for this present apostolic reformation era. Leaders and ministers who sense a call for “change” will find their connection with KCC to be timely and beneficial.

To begin this process, or should you desire to speak to a KCC representative, please contact our office at 229/432-1877 or you may email us at info@kcovenant.org.

Christ’s Servant,


Apostle Charlene Glover
Visionary Leader