Apostle Charlene Glover -Trumpet of GodApostle Charlene Glover received her salvation over 30 years ago. In 1985, she acknowledged the call of God upon her life as a prophet/teacher to the “Body of Christ.”

She is a Woman of God, highly regarded for her integrity, wisdom, excellent spirit and generosity.

She is the proud parent of two wonderful daughters, Shacobi (Elvin) and Wendy (Eldrick) and four grandchildren.

Apostle Glover serves as the “set” visionary leader of Trumpet of God Ministries & Training Center, which she founded in April 2000. Trumpet is a cutting edge authentic Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused apostolic ministry, characterized by the power of God to “mend hearts and transform lives.

Apostle Glover is also the founder of Kingdom Covenant Connection, a leadership ministry network, specifically called to train and equip “leaders” to transition into this second Apostolic Church Age. As an apostolic leader, Apostle Glover personifies the character of a leader who is full of the Spirit and wisdom, mantled with an “Issachar” anointing for reformation and a unique anointing to transition the Body of Christ from systems of religion to a New Testament Church pattern. Apostle Glover is also the visionary for the brand, Leading Leaders Changing Church – Reformers (LLCC). LLCC is presented through conferences and summits, designed to teach, equip and empower set ministry leaders and the Body of Christ at large to move into the Apostolic Reformation with understanding.

As a Community Leader, she has received numerous awards recognizing her outstanding achievement for public service.

Prior to full-time ministry, Apostle Glover served in numerous leadership roles in her local church and worked in the corporate arena for over 20 years. Gifted with an entrepreneurial anointing, her influence extends also extends to the Marketplace.

Apostle Glover holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Christian Life School of Theology. She was ordained in 2007 as an apostle of Jesus Christ by Apostle John Eckhardt, IMPACT Network of Chicago, IL.

At the heart of ministry, she is a bridge-builder, reconciling man-to-God, man-to-himself and man-to-mankind.”