Discipleship Ministry designed to develop mature disciples of Christ based on the establishment of sound practical biblical principles who will demonstrate the commands of God according to Matthew 28:18-20. As disciples mature in the word of God they will be able to become Stones and Pillars who are spiritually rooted and grounded in the knowledge of God. Disciples will be able to have a biblical foundation which includes a knowledge and understanding of how to prayer effectively and study the scriptures


prayer4Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer Ministry is design to pray effectual and fervent authoritative prayers and intercede on behalf of another. They are known as “Gap Standers” or intercessors. (An intercessor is one who takes up a “burden” that goes far beyond his or her own needs and intentions). This ministry area recognizes that pray is tool for all believers and a weapon against the enemy. The Intercessory Team prays over various prayer matters locally, regionally and globally.