The Gate Church – Builds with Pillars and Stones


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Gate Church Giving Church

Foundation scripture: Genesis 28:20-22

In the Kingdom of God we have Laws. We have the Laws of Love, the Law of faith, and the Law of Giving. There are Three Elements of a Gate Church Believer who understands the Principles of Stewardship: 1.Giving 2. Receiving 3. Prosperity.

Prosperity for the believer is more than an accumulation of things. Prosperity for the believer is the Power of God to fulfill one’s God –given purpose in life. God has always prescribed for us to give back to him. Giving reflects the attitude of one’s heart. Tithe is to acknowledge that all we have already belongs to the Lord.

In this teaching Apostle Charlene Glover will teach you:

~ The types of Giving

~ The attitudes of Giving

~The effects that giving and lack of giving bring according to Malachi 3:6-11: Open windows and blessings.

~And the understanding of a Tithe


“The outward giving of possessions and finances is merely a reflection of the inner condition of the heart”: Frank Damazio.