On Friday morning, the postman delivered our daily mail at the office and before he left, he presented a debit card and stated that he found it lying on the ground outside. When I looked at the card, it was actually one of our members. God is so awesome!

This member actually stopped by the church the day before, which meant that her card was lying on the ground from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning. This is a very high traffic area and the angels of the Lord positioned on the ground supernaturally protected the card. We celebrate the Lord for his divine protection and faithfulness to His people.

Tammie – Albany, GA

God allowed mercy to triumph over judgment. I was involved in a legal matter in which I was the co-signer for a vehicle. However, the other individual who was responsible for making the payments, decided not uphold their financial agreement. As a part of a revised agreement, my name should have been removed and I no longer had the vehicle in my possession. Long story short, The Lord vindicated me.

The situation was overturned and not only did I find favor with the Lord, but also with the creditor. I will not be facing garnishment and the truck will be returned to me. Yes Apostle, as you stated on Sunday, we need to not run from the situation, but walk it through, it will eventually straighten out according to God’s will. I just wanted to testify of God’s supernatural manifestation at Trumpet, through Trumpet, around Trumpet and it is pouring over to the court house. Father, I thank you for your supernatural grace and your everlasting love for your people, continue to shape and mold us into the way you see fit.

Voneka – Albany, GA