Hello! I visit Trumpet from time to time, and I must say that my family and I enjoy service each time we attend. My children and I came this past Sunday, which was September 22. Toward the end of service, you asked if there was anyone having issues with their throat that needed prayer and healing. Before I share why this is of significance to me, let me just share a little about myself. On April 23 2012, 1 month after my 31st birthday, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 2A triple negative breast cancer, which is a very aggressive type of cancer. This devastating diagnosis sent me on a journey that I NEVER imagined I would ever experience.

I went on to successfully complete treatment, which included chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and radiation. I officially completed treatment on December 10, 2012. While preparing for my breast reconstruction surgery, my husband and I decided that I should have a CAT scan done just to make sure I was in the clear before having this major surgery performed. Well, this CAT scan revealed a couple of issues that caused my oncologist to recommend that I postpone my reconstruction.

The following day I was scheduled for an appointment with my surgeon to have a biopsy performed on my thyroid to check nodules that were found on the CAT scan. Before checking my thyroid, I expressed my concerns about my gallbladder to my surgeon and he decided to do an ultrasound on it as well. The ultrasound revealed that my gallbladder was FULL of stones, swollen, and surrounded by fluid. My surgeon informed me that my thyroid issue would have to be placed on the “back burner” because my gallbladder needed to be removed IMMEDIATELY. I had emergency surgery on August 23. My pathology report showed that my gallbladder had OVER 100 stones and my surgeon informed me that it was not just a serious situation, but a “life threatening” one.

I thank God for allowing my doctor to listen to my concerns! Now fast forward to last Sunday. The question you asked about whether anyone had been having issues with their throat was significant to me because the following day, I was scheduled to have a biopsy performed on my thyroid, which of course is located in the throat area. I wanted to speak up and reveal my issue, but I didn’t. Instead I remained silent and prayed along with you where I was standing. After speaking with my aunts, Lily and Beatrice (who are both members of Trumpet) and expressing to them how I felt like you were speaking to me, they both explained why I should have said something and not allowed my “shyness” to prevent me from saying anything. I went and had my biopsy done on Monday. On Wednesday, I received a phone call from my surgeon’s office saying that the thyroid nodules were BENIGN (noncancerous)!!! I know that this is somewhat long, but I felt like I had to share my testimony. I thank God for ALWAYS protecting me and healing my body. I also would like to thank you for your prayer because I truly felt like you were speaking to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Melissa – Albany, GA

Over the past several months, we have been teaching on The Gate Church: one of the subtopics has been “Supernatural Ministry.” The teachings are coupled with the increase manifestation of the supernatural power of God in our Services. Although physical healings and the gifts of Holy Spirit have always been manifested in our Services, there is an increase in the manifestations and the healings are more instantaneous, often times while people are being prayed for.

It is our goal is to begin posting these testimonies on the website in October to boast in our Lord and to build the faith and expectation for a greater demand on the Spirit of God in our Services. However, I wanted to share two of the most recent manifestations. During Wednesday Bible Study, 9/25, a member brought her teenage grandson, who has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease. After praying for the teen boy in the service, his vision was significantly restored and he was able to see words he had not been able to see prior to prayer. He also accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. On Sunday, 9/29, he returned to service with his grandmother stated that his vision continues to improve and all pain has ceased. One other testimony, on Sunday, 9/29 we had a 2nd time visitor who testified to a word of knowledge given the previous Sunday. It was a lady who stated that she had been treated for cancer in 2012, and she was afraid of the cancer returning.

She further stated that at the previous Sunday service, there was a word of knowledge about someone being afraid of cancer returning and they had problems in the throat area, although she did not identify herself, she received the word by Faith. She reported on Sunday that the doctor’s report from her Monday’s appointment confirmed that the nodules were benign. These are just a few of the healings, amidst many, such as the wisdom of God released in order to handle major life decisions, strongholds of fear and

Trumpet – Albany, GA