I am an employee here in the area. I work under one of the members of your congregation. I just wanted to give a testimony on how much of a blessing she has been to me. Over the past few weeks my mother was hospitalized and I was dealing with some financial issues. I was beginning to lose faith in that everything would work out but through her motivation and guidance, it helped me pull through my troubles. She helped restored my faith and for that I would like to send thanks to her and your congregation.

Armon – Albany, GA

My Kids and I visited Trumpet of God with my sister Tiki Howell on April 13, 2014. During our visit Apostle prayed over my 2 year old Daughter Kasey. Kasey has been diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease III. Kasey may have low blood sugar, excess amounts of fats in the blood, an enlarged liver, and elevated blood levels of liver enzymes. The week prior to visiting Trumpet of God Kasey was hospitalized at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with blood sugar levels of 39 -50. Needless to say after Apostle prayed for Kasey, myself and several other family members has noticed shrinkage in Kasey’s abdominal area and her blood sugar readings have ALL been in the 90-122 range! What makes this so awesome is Kasey’s normal readings were ALWAYS in the 65-75 range, which is still considered low. So I am so excited and extremely THANKFUL for God’s Healing Power. I get emotional each time I testify to someone about Kasey’s journey to COMPLETE HEALING! All praises to My God and an extra special Thanks to Apostle and the entire Trumpet of God family for your thoughts and most sincere prayers.

Lachicas Griffey – Milledgeville,GA