To be a repairer of the “breach” and  a “re-builder” of the ruin places transforming lives in our community and beyond.

(Isaiah 58:12)


To raise-up a Body of Believers, “Disciples of Christ” who demonstrates the power of the “Kingdom of God” by the quality of their lives -spiritually, personally, domestically, professionally, socially and economically.

  • To equip the Saints to be relevant by teaching godly and practical principles, and providing exposure to diverse cultures.
  • To instruct, train, equip and activate Believers to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence in the House of God and in the Marketplace.
  • To preach the uncompromising Gospel that will save the Lost.
  • To prepare a people ready for the Lord’s return.

Ministry Philosophy

  • The start of Ministry is God; not human activity.
  • The guide of Ministry is the Bible; not human wisdom.
  • The focus of Ministry is People; not programs.
  • The environment of the Body is Corporate; not individual.


A Church That Takes Your Breath Away Distinguished by an Excellent Spirit.
(I Kings 10:1-10; Daniel 6:3)

Membership Profile

The goal of our ministry is to fulfill the Great Commission by making Disciples of Christ who are faithful to God through their obedience to the precepts and principles of His Word, who have a shared sense of responsibility for transforming our community demonstrated by their commitment to their local Church through their prayers, participation and giving with humility and joy!

Prophetic Decree

The very moment an individual or family sincerely connect and commit to the Spirit of Christ at Trumpet and submit to the principles of Truth being taught, restoration begins, destroying the cycles of chaos and ruins in which they once lived.

Psalm 119:133 (Prophetic exhortation given to the Body at Trumpet March 2008)